Armah's novel Two Thousand Seasons was first published in and was reprinted last year by Per Ankh, an African publishing cooperative based in Senegal. Two Thousand Seasons is a novel by Ghanaian novelist Ayi Kwei Armah. The novel was first published in and subsequently published a number of times. Two Thousand Seasons' reconstruction of African history allows Africans to explore the atrocities of “the Other”, and it adopts corrective measures to the.


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These phases have inflicted on Africa loss of dignity, political and economic domination, distortion of African history, denial of African culture and the formation of stereotypical images for the Two thousand seasons other.

As an outcome, African society has been imprisoned into socio-political hardship, injustice and a sense of inferiority.

Two Thousand Seasons | work by Armah |

Like his African committed counterparts, Ayi Kwei Armah, the Ghanaian novelist, produced Two Thousand Seasons to show the atrocities committed by the colonialists and to liberate the race from the shackles of neo-colonialism. In this two thousand seasons, it means the foreign forces that invaded Africa.


Ngugi implies that African creativity, inspired by history, is a response to the forces that have been at play in the African past. The focus of this historical work, therefore, is an urgent concern for the two thousand seasons of the African mind from the disquieting legacy of alien myths and prejudices.

The native is the colonized, the invaded, the oppressed and the victim.

The Two thousand seasons are introduced as beggars who were given help because it was part of the African people s life to assist guests. However, the Arabs deceived them. In this case, Africans are seen as welcoming people, but the Arabs are seen as betrayers and exploiters.

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Europeans are introduced in this way: All subsequent references bet The white people asked for lands. Two thousand seasons people told them land was not a thing to be possessed If they wanted shelter they always be welcome as guests At night they brought their ship closer to Enchi and from it sent hot balls of iron flying through the air to destroy their hosts.

In relation to this, Armah makes clear the imperialists ends in Africa. Armah highlights that the real motive of the invasion of Africa is economic drive.

L'autre - Why “the Other” in Two Thousand Seasons? - Presses universitaires François-Rabelais

Boehmer has emphasized that the true objective of colonialism has all the time been economic. Our way is reciprocity. The way is wholeness. Our way knows no oppression.

Two Thousand Seasons Summary -

The way destroys oppression. Our way is hospitable to guests. The way repels destroyers.