Two-thirds of all strokes are known to occur in developing countries. In Nigeria, stroke incidence has been put at 26/, Stroke is a major. There have been few studies on quality of life (QoL) of Nigerian stroke survivors and none have reported QoL over a long period. This study describes QoL in. ALTHOUGH the incidence of stroke is in the ascendancy globally, it has assumed a frightening dimension in Nigeria where about , people suffer the.


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Finally, the inaccessibility to the health care facility especially in the rural areas was another factor in our study since a good number of our patients were not resident in Jos the study center. This is stroke in nigeria as a result of bad roads or unavailable means of transportation.

Even having stroke in nigeria a stroke, there are no available emergency ambulance services for urgent transportation to the health care facility. There is therefore a continuum of poverty, poor health seeking behavior, poor and underdeveloped resources, noncompliance with medication, more severe strokes, lack of adequate hospital care with ensuing high mortality.

The burden of stroke in Nigeria.

In essence, proper and effective stroke care is very challenging in our practice. In the presence of these dire challenges, this high mortality rate may continue.

We also showed some independent predictors of mortality in our study. Stroke in nigeria score is a measure of stroke severity.

The inference is stroke in nigeria in this study, our more stroke in nigeria affected patients were the ones that died. Reducing then severity of stroke will therefore be paramount in curtailing this high mortality.

Another predictor of mortality on multivariate analysis was the presence of comorbid conditions. The impact of these co-existing medical conditions on mortality was enormous. Comorbid conditions have been found to be predictors in some other studies The level of consciousness was the final predictor of mortality.

Nigeria And Rising Cases Of Stroke |

Patients who had a lower GCS were more likely to die. Stroke in nigeria were unarguably the more ill patients. Similar finding was noted in a previous Nigerian study.


The post stroke medical complications also contributed to the death toll seen in our study. All the patients who developed pulmonary embolism and aspiration pneumonitis also died.

The burden of stroke in Nigeria.

Complications surprisingly were not predictors on multivariate analysis. This is mostly because there were milder complications like urinary tract infections where all the patients survived.

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  • Stroke mortality and its predictors in a Nigerian teaching hospital
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The contribution however of the complications on the overall morbidity cannot be over emphasized. Investigating the patients was the greatest challenge in this study.

Computed tomography scan was not available in JUTH as at the time of the study. This again was hampered by the funds and distance. Further more, two of the CT scan machines broke down in the course of the study.

Recently, most teaching hospitals stroke in nigeria Nigeria have a CT scan.