AM ET Tue, 13 Jan Family-owned businesses are the original mom-and-pops of Main Street, and they're feeling optimistic in the new year. Small business owners are responsible for managing all aspects of their company. Management is commonly defined as the alignment and coordination of multiple activities in an organization. Small business management requires business owners to use a mix of education, knowledge and expertise to run their company. Good management requires a sound knowledge of economic principles because they are the framework for small business operation and organization.


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Or simply apply online. Education is the foundation upon which your life is built.


We designed our programs to help you acquire the skills you need to hit the ground running as a professional.

Management must understand various alternatives that can be used in decision making. Small business management instruction is concerned with the development of an entrepreneur's knowledge of economic principles and with the decision-making small business management.

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Computerizing Small Business, Diploma - 32 credits Computerizing Small Business is a program that prepares individuals to develop and manage independent small businesses. Vendors, suppliers, distributors and warehouse small business management are a few external companies business owners may work with in the business environment.

Business owners coordinate the activities involving these organizations to ensure that their company has sufficient economic resources. Economic resources represent small business management raw materials and supply chain needed to produce and distribute goods in the business environment.

The Definition of Small Business Management |

Features Small business management requires business owners to provide oversight for several functions in the business.

Purchasing, human resources, sales, customer service, marketing and small business management development are a few major departments or functions business owners must manage.

Larger small business management organizations often have more departments or divisions to manage. Business owners in large organizations often delegate management responsibilities to employees. Tools Business owners often use management tools to help them manage their small business.