Pity poor SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. Born as a poster child for innovation in business intelligence, it became a foster child- passed from. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software changes all that. Using the tool, companies can extend the reach of BI to all business users — not just a small subset of. SAP Businessobjects Explorer security vulnerabilities, exploits, metasploit modules, vulnerability statistics and list of versions.


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But it requires a separate license, which may be a concern for some customers.

Visual Business Intelligence – Big BI is Stuck: Illustrated by SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Anyways, Lumira is a separate tutorial. Low-Medium Effort to develop: To start, open the BI Launchpad. The template URL for this would be http: The explorer tool is opened by pressing the icon shown sap businessobjects explorer.

sap businessobjects explorer The tool would start loading before it starts. But customers who have adopted Explorer really love the tool and have made significant investments in it. But four years without innovation is an eternity in enterprise software years.

There was nothing self-service about it.


In a very real sap businessobjects explorer, this is the way BI — and frankly, decision making — works today. It is so easy to use, it democratizes access to data.

The Road Unexplored: A Future for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer – Dallas Marks

Consider a simple question: How many new customers did we acquire last quarter? A few paragraphs later in the same article, still referring to this data sense-making miracle, Becher states: This must be some magical tool if it somehow puts everyone on the same page, despite their different perspectives.

And it gets better. Take the example one step further. Eventually, I get the report. And 99 times out sap businessobjects explorerthe experience ends with something like this: I meant to specify New York City, not New York state, and I actually needed to account for sales that took place in the wake of a new promotional campaign.

Through a new interface that will allow you to ask questions of your data similar to the way you search the Web with Google today. These improvements are accomplished by a whole lot of hard work on the back sap businessobjects explorer probably done by someone in IT, because only they have access to prepare the data for use.

Enough of these same old hollow claims by the big BI vendors that have been frustrating and angering users for years.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer: Search and explore your data with self-service BI tools

Are we going to let them continue to raise our hopes and sap businessobjects explorer them forever, never going elsewhere for answers? It is entirely possible for large BI vendors to provide effective tools for data sense-making.

To do this, they need to switch from a technology-centric engineering-focused approach to a human-centric design-focus approach, and base their efforts on a deep understanding of data sense-making. Most of the small BI vendors have done no better in cracking this nut than the big guys.

They might be more agile due to their small size and thus able to bring a new product to market more quickly, but when they approach the problem in the same dysfunctional way as the big guys, they fail just as miserably.