It is the national tree of Thailand, and its flower is Thailand's national flower. It is also state flower of Kerala in India and of immense importance. Best Flowering Trees in India. Saraca Indica (Sita-Asoka) This is one of the famous flowering trees in India. Lagerstroemia Speciosa – Queen's Myrtle or Pride of India. Plumeria (Gulachin) Lagerstroemia Indica (Arjuna) Erythrina Indica (Mandara) Delonix Regia (Gul Mohur) Cassia Fistula (Amaltas) Butea Monosperma (Palas. By knowing the flowering season of each tree you can select trees for your garden so that you enjoy blooms and fragrance throughout the year.


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It is also ornamental trees in india as a street tree in cities of India, like in Bangalore. It apparently works by promoting the lungs to expectorate and free deeply embedded mucus and contaminates during the first three to ten days of treatment.


Pallida is commonly known as 'White trumpet tree' which belongs to the Bignoniaceae family. Typical specimens have only a single leaflet but some have three leaflets. However the petioles are cm long rather than cm and they are not pale yellow, nor is the midrib.

Top 10 Flowering Trees in India | Top List Hub

Ornamental trees in india are white to pale mauve with a pale yellowish throat. Capsules to 17 cm long and about 1 cm wide, dark lepidote scales are obvious on green fruits. This is probably the most variable of all species of Tabebuia.

The flowers are very fragrant and are used in perfumes and essential oil extraction.

Eight Best flowering trees of India that you shouldn’t miss in your garden

The flowers are worn as adornment and are also sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. This tree is also considered for its timber value. Champak Tree Magnolia champaca 7. Irregular branches makes it attractive at full bloom between January ornamental trees in india March.

Though flowers are scentless, the entire canopy will be filled with orange flowers as if the tree is burning. The flower also has a curved parrot beak shaped keel making it attractive.


As it is rich in nectar attracts birds and bees. These are generally seasonal flowering plants that flower for a duration of three to four months in a year. The exotic and natural beauty of the Flowering and ornamental trees in India has always captivated ornamental trees in india travellers and tourists from across the world.

There are around 15, flowering plant species in India.

Small Ornamental Trees

Haladi Gulmohur Brief Description: The Copper Pod is considered to ornamental trees in india a semi-evergreen tree. It is seldom leafless though it sheds leaves en masse during the winter months for a very brief period.

A species which is easy to propagate, hardy, and can survive in harsh conditions.


A pretty sight when in bloom. It ornamental trees in india clusters of yellow flowers at the end of the branches, together with dark green leaves. The ground under the tree is strewn with a carpet of the yellow petals and is sight to behold.

Top 10 Flowering Trees in India

The tree is large and very shapely. Bombax malabaricum Common Name: Red Silk Ornamental trees in india Origin: India and Malaya Flowering Season: January — March Vernacular Name: Booruga Kannada Brief Description: At every season they fill the garden with some beautiful flowers and make the look of the garden very pleasant and amazing.

There are number of flowering trees in India which adds to the beauty of the nature.