The Inventory Process Procedure outlines guidelines for controlling inventory stock for ultimate salability, usability and traceability. Inventory Control. Inventory is the term used in manufacturing and logistics to describe goods that are either inputs for production, finished products, or products that are in the process of being made. Since inventory items are physical goods, they are susceptible to expiration, theft, damage, or other types of loss. Inventory control is also about knowing where all your stock is and ensuring everything is accounted for at Basic inventory control techniques and procedures.


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This includes computers, tablets, video cameras, TVs, tape recorders, and musical instruments. Textbooks and other books.

Therefore, it makes sense to store them separately. Licensed software use for education should be inventoried in a separate ledger. The ledger would list which computer the software runs on since some inventory control procedures only allow activation of software on one machine.

Keep in mind that every item in your facility has its own storage requirements.

Inventory Control: Policies & Procedures |

For instance, some items may need to be kept at or below a certain temperature. Inventory control procedures, some items, like certain chemicals, cannot be stored with other items.

Since the invoice is used to know how much to add to the inventory records, if it doesn't match the actual amount received, inventory records will be off. Another important policy is to physically count the inventory depending on how much assurance is desired regarding the accuracy of the count.

At any given time, most organizations know how much inventory they have because, at some point, they counted all of it. They stop production and selling so they get an exact count. Usually, it's even double-counted.

Inventory Control Procedures

Inventory control procedures accountants and managers will know exactly how much they have. After there is a physical count, inventory levels inventory control procedures tracked by adding it as it comes into the shop and subtracting it as it is sold, or knowingly lost.

Perpetual inventory systems update inventory counts on a daily basis through order replenishment and sales of inventory. Perpetual inventory systems usually require more upkeep than periodic inventory systems.

Facts Small businesses usually limit the number of individuals who review and order inventory.

Inventory Control: Policies & Procedures

This ensures proper amounts of inventory are on hand to meet specific sales goals. Business owners may develop a process to determine the amount of inventory spoilage or obsolescence. Spoilage commonly occurs in food service industries. To minimise these costs ensure inventory control procedures stock is moved efficiently.

Policy for Storage Area and Equipment The storage area of your store may be out of the customer's sight but it is no less important than the shop floor.


This area contains the stock yet to be sold. Its safety and maintenance should be a high priority. Think about the stock storage areas in your store.