RFL - Revue francophone des laboratoires - Vol. - N° - p. - Tularémie, guerre bactériologique et bioterrorisme - EM|consulte. La lumière, par exemple, au niveau biologique, est objective, et n'est point spécifique de lutte, de guerre biologique, comme si le champ spécifique était un. Need to translate "guerre biologique" from French? Here's what it means.


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The evidence may be found at Sierra Army Depot and other military bases where these weapons appear to be guerre biologique. It therefore becomes imperative to determine what sort of attack we may be facing guerre biologique what we can do to protect ourselves.

Kenneth Alibek, a Russian scientist who came over to this side of the fence and is now working on biological weapons issues at Battelle, there are essentially guerre biologique ways in which a biological attack could be launched. Biological weapons can deployed in three ways: An airborne attack could not be easily controlled and carries the strong likelihood of affecting unintended targets.

One must therefore look at other delivery systems that carry an ability to lock onto the desired targets and pass over those who have been predesignated to survive.

Work on reconfiguring the water system, countrywide, began right about the same time as the US signed onto the Biological Weapons Convention BWC in the early s. Possibly advancing to the top of the list guerre biologique terms of all-time government deception was President Nixon's public announcement in that the US was ending its biological weapons program.

Guerre biologique et terrorisme: : Books

A chemist in Eastern Washington State, Dave Duncan, had volunteered in to run chemical analyses on samples of water which had ostensibly come from the mixture of the two water mains. His initial tests revealed that the specific gravity of the sample was significantly skewed when compared to normal tap water.

Duncan, a fundamentalist Christian, became concerned about the implications of his work, declaring that "if people were going to be killed off, it must be God's will.

Another delivery system has been uncovered, which may dovetail with the guerre biologique line water system, for the delivery of a lethal dose of toxins or chemicals.

Both water as a delivery system and the imposter pharmaceuticals bear the necessary targeting capability. The double line water system provides the ability to selectively target households and the pharmaceutical delivery system provides the ability to selectively target individuals.

None of the 60 billion dollars pumped into biodefense in the last ten years appears to be designated to address waterborne attacks.

The Department of Homeland Security was subsequently contacted and details were turned over to that agency as to how this could very well occur guerre biologique water utilities, given the vulnerability inherent in the double line water system. There has been no response from Napolitano or the DHS.


On the International Scene It appears the wagons have also circled around the involvement of the pharmaceutical companies in biological weapons work. As there are no weapons inspectors or any other implementation vehicle for the BWC, the guerre biologique companies can carry on their death work without the intrusion of any Peeping Tom inspection team.

The glaring failure of the BWC to provide a means of implementing the treaty has resulted in a complete lack of oversight as to what is going on in pharmaceutical labs.

In the past, attempts to set up an inspection capability for the BWC have been vigorously opposed by the Guerre biologique States and also by.

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Source PDF The development and production of biological guerre biologique would necessitate, of course, a laboratory to produce them. Taken together, this study provides the foundation guerre biologique further comparative work on the effect of war and warfare on economic life.

The contributors have approached the problem from two sides.