Funkcie kontroly pravopisu a gramatiky pre slovenský jazyk sú väčšinou založené na slovníku základných slovných tvarov (lem) a súbore pravidiel na. Médium: Kniha. Jazyk: Czech. Vydáno: V Praze: České vysoké učení technické, Žánr/forma: vysokoškolská skripta. ISBN: Témata. Ústav pro jazyk český Akademie věd ČR, v. v. i., je vědecké pracoviště zabývající se výzkumem českého Grammar & Corpora / Gramatika a korpus Úvod.


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Other robots are wquipped with electronic digital cameras and are used to inspect work parts or products to make certain that their dimensions meer ehe specified standards. Gramatiky a jazyky mamy people, auromaion means manufacturing automation.

Nejednoznačná gramatika

Automation technology, however, has been gramatiky a jazyky to many other areas, such as aircraft flight control, elevator operation, mail procesing, office administration, telephone switching, railroad operation, the security and protection industry, to name just a few. The advantafes of automation are significant, for example higher productivity, better gramatiky a jazyky quality, improved safety, or shorter workweeks for labour It is also applied when operations on two or tree shifts are required.


Automation technology can also relive workers from repetitive, hazardous, unpleasant, or uncomfortable labour. Gramatiky a jazyky example an employee may give a presentation about a new produsct to customers or to colleagues.

Angličtina - gramatika

An employee may also give presentation about a production process to visitors who are on tour of an office or a factory. The employee should prepare a plan or outline of the presentation and write down notes or phrasesw to be esed in the presentation. A presentation can be divided into three principal parts: After preparing a plan outline and writen down notes or phrases to be used in the presentationthe person giving the presentation should practise the presentation.

It is important gramatiky a jazyky look at gramatiky a jazyky audience during the presentation and to usde short sentences that are easy to hear and understand. The person giving the presentation should also spek slowly to give the audience time to think.

Testy gramatiky |

In additionhe should stand up when speaking in order to appear and sound more dynamic. Question can be gramatiky a jazyky during the presentation or at the end of the presentation.

Finally, slidesvideos or illustrations can make the presentation interesting if they are properly planned and clearly presented. There are two basic types of materialsused in engineering metals and non-metals. Some materials are sometimes called metalloids. Metals ca nbe divided into ferrous metals and gramatiky a jazyky metals.

Ferrous metals contain ironwhile non-metals do not.

The Slovak Language in the Digital Age - Google книги

Cast iron steelwhich are mixtures of iron and carbonare the two most important ferrous metals used in engineering. Cast ironwhich includes grey cast ironwhile cast ironand malleable cast ironcontains more carbon than gramatiky a jazyky.

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Cast iron is also harder and less malleable than steel. The most commo non-ferrous metals used in engineering are aluminiumcopperbronzeand brass.


Bronze and brass are alloyswhich are metals that are formed by the union or mixture of two or more elements.

Plastics generally can be machined like metals, while ceramics cannot be machined. Plastics can be devided gramatiky a jazyky thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics by heat beccause they undergo chemical changes as they harden.

Ceramics are often used by engineers when they need a material that can withstand high temperatures. There are two basic methods of welding: IN pressure welding the pieces of metal are heated to a very high temperatures and than they are joined together under pressure by either rolling or hammering.

No additional metal I needed to join the welded parts as they are softened by heat and pressed together. Forge welding is a typical of pressure welding.