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Le mythe de Sisyphe

Yet humans need meaning, even though it appears there is no meaning to be found. Much of life is characterised by such absurd paradoxes: Camus le mythe sisyphe professes a sensible explanation of the world, but ends in fantastic stories of microscopic galaxies of atoms that cannot be seen.

This is the absurd condition and "from the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion, the most harrowing of all. All of these, he claims, commit "philosophical suicide" by reaching conclusions that contradict the original absurd position, either by abandoning reason and turning to God, as in the case of Kierkegaard and Shestov, camus le mythe sisyphe by elevating reason and ultimately arriving at ubiquitous Platonic forms and an abstract god, as in the case of Husserl.

Le Mythe De Sisyphe by Camus, Albert

For Camus, who set out to take the absurd seriously and follow it to its final conclusions, these camus le mythe sisyphe cannot convince. Taking the absurd seriously means acknowledging the contradiction between the desire of human reason and the unreasonable world.


Suicide, then, also must be rejected: The contradiction must be lived; reason and its limits must be acknowledged, without false hope. However, the absurd can never be accepted: While the question of human freedom in the metaphysical sense loses interest to the absurd man, he gains freedom in a very concrete sense: To embrace the absurd implies embracing all that the unreasonable world has to offer.

Without a meaning in life, camus le mythe sisyphe is no scale of values. For Camus le mythe sisyphe, morality is not a matter of expediency.

About the work… Camus in Le Mythe de Sisyphe [1] affirms that only by facing the absurd can I act authentically; otherwise, I camus le mythe sisyphe a convenient attitude of wishful thinking. As a champion of individual rights, he opposed French colonization and argued for the empowerment of Algerians in politics and labor.

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Camus would later be associated with the French anarchist movement. He was one of the few Allied journalists to condemn the American use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

He was also an outspoken critic of communist theory, eventually leading to a rift with Sartre camus le mythe sisyphe he had met during the war when he joined the French Resistance movement. The dominant philosophical contribution of Camus's work is absurdism.

While he is often associated with existentialism, he rejected the label, expressing surprise that he would be viewed as a philosophical ally of Sartre.