It's been 30 years since massive, student-led uprisings in Myanmar shook the struggling The protests became known as the Uprising. Former activists gather at Yangon University Main Campus to commemorate the Uprising. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar Times. The daughter of Myanmar's independence hero, Suu Kyi was swept up in the revolt soon after returning from a cosy life in England to care for.


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Pyone Choone of the leaders of the uprising, spent 20 years of his adult life in prison.

Ko Ko Gyianother leader of the uprising, spent 18 years of his life in prison. Min Ko Naing was placed in solitary confinement for nine years for 8888 uprising role as a leader of the uprising.

Many of the student leaders of the uprising became lifelong activists and human rights leaders. Many of the same activists played a role 19 years later during the Saffron Revolution.

The 88 Generation Students Groupnamed for the events of 8 Augustorganised one of the first protests that eventually culminated in the Saffron Revolution. They were arrested, however, prior to large-scale demonstrations and given lengthy prison sentences of up 8888 uprising 65 years.

Thirty years after the uprising - The Hindu

They continue to work as politicians and human rights activists in Myanmar. They also 8888 uprising for the National League for Democracy in the Elections. History is a dangerous subject in the Buddhist-majority country, where the military promotes a narrative of unifying a country riven by religious and ethnic faultlines.


With many 8888 uprising junta members enjoying normal lives or still involved in government, dredging up memories of political prisoners is not common. The museum he helped create is one of the only places in Myanmar where visitors can learn what inmates endured.

Displays show trinkets, crafts and musical instruments made in jail. The participants in the uprising are working in their own fields of specialisation and this does not mean they are losing unity, said U Mya Aye.

Although the people toppled the government they did not like, they did not fully get the government and the state they are longing for, he said.

Uprising - Wikipedia

They cannot overcome the Constitution. They can form parliament and the government, elected by 75pc of 8888 uprising. The Uprising started 8888 uprising the people united against a dictatorship that failed to address the social and economic malaise of the country.

The uprising traced its roots to a teashop fight on March 12, Security troops surrounded the Rangoon Institute of Technology after some students and public got into a fight at the tea shop near the university in Insein township on March 12, There can be no doubt that everybody 8888 uprising a multi-party democratic system of government.

It is the duty of the present government to bring about such a system as soon as possible.

How a Failed Democracy Uprising Set the Stage for Myanmar's Future

Bo Kyi was caught and sentenced to prison in March, Suu Kyi herself entered her first period of house 8888 uprising, which lasted until These issues are today the most discussed in the ongoing peace talks between the civilian government, the military and the ethnic armed groups.

The success or failure of the peace talks or the 21st Century Panglong conference will largely depend on how these two issues are handled.

The democratic transition in Myanmar thus far has been meticulously designed by the military.